Jean Monnet Seminars

In the framework of its Jean Monnet Chair, the chair holder is either organising seminars either taking part in conferences.

  • April7th: “Gestión y conservación de la pesca y el criterio de precaución”, facultad de derecho de la pontificia universidad católica de Chile, Seminario internacional “Derecho publico, constitución, medio Ambiente y sectores regulados”
  • March 22nd 2021 : « Decontamination of brownfields and the polluter-pays principle », Wadesa University, Webinar on the key environmental law principles of the Global Pact for the Environment
  • February 25-26tg 2021: Droit de l’environnement dans l’UE, Paris II
  • January 8th 2021, University of Oslo: Miljøprinsipper –bokpresentasjon Environmental Principles – From Political Slogans to Legal Rules
  • November 23rd 2020, The constitutionalisation of environmental law, CEDRE, ‘Environmental Principles’
  • October 6th 2020 Clientearth & Cedre, ‘Aarhus et accès à la justice, quelle actualité vu de Belgique?’
  • September 24th 2020, Opening Lecture on Sustainable Development, Católica Graduate Legal Research Conference – Blue Planet Law: Sustainability and Global Ecology
  • September 15th, University of Montpellier, Why do we need environmental law?
  • 27 May 2020, Webinar UKELA Environmental Litigation working party Covid-19: Illegal Wildlife Trade, Habitat Loss and International Environmental Law
  • 27 August 2019, Seminar on Brown Fields and the Polluter-Pays Principle, Melbourne University
  • 26 August 2019, Sustainable Victoria, Melbourne, The Circular Economy
  • 22 August 2019, Seminar on REACH, Melbourne University
  • 8-12 April 2019, Seminars on Environmental Principles, University of Lomé, Togo
  • 1-3 November 2018, seminars on EU Environmental Law, Chongquing, South West University of Political Science and Law, School of International Law
  • 24 August 2018, Workshop on the implementation of the precautionary approach in fisheries management, University of Wollongong ANCORS & St Louis University
  • 26 June 2018, The  CJEU Judgment in Achmea. Death sentence for Investment Protection Tribunals, Center for European Policies Studies
  • 12th of May 2018, Seminar on EU Waste Law, with JC Bonichot, P. Oliver, L. Lavrysen and S. Leprince, St Louis, Brussels
  • 9-10th March 2017, Conference on the precautionary principle, Université de Carthages-Tunis
  • 17th February 2017, USL, UCL, ULB, Séminar on CETA, Brussels
  • 9-10th February 2017, Seminar on the regulation of diesel vehicles, Ecole des Mines, Paris
  • 15-16th October 2016, ‘Lectures on the precautionary principle’, ITLOS, Hamburg
  • 4th April 2016, ‘Trade v Environment’, law faculty, Maribor University
  • 27th of November 2015, Environmental Law, The State of European Integration, Ius Commune conference, Leuven
  • 27th of June 2015, Consistency with EU and WTO Law of the Possibility for the MS to Restrict or to Prohibit the Cultivation of GMOs on their Territory, St Louis Univ.(flyer)
  • 24th of June 2015, ‘The Precautionary Principle and the WTO”, French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safet and Sc Po Conference on “Health Risks, Precaution and Innovation”, Paris.
  • 17th of June 2015, EEB Seminar on Commission’s right to withdraw legislative proposals
  • 2-6th of June 2015, Transfrontier Movement of Waste, Université du Togo
  • 17 April 2015, ‘Environmental Turf Wars fought between the European Commission and the Council of the Union’, Trier, ERA (powerpoint)
  • 9 April 2015, ‘The consistency of environmental measures with internal market obligations’, Public Interest Envt L UK, Cass Business School, London (powerpoint)
  • 26 February 2015, ‘Recent case law of the CJEU on access to justice regarding the validity of licenses subject to an EIA’, UCL seminar on the EIA Directive
  • 29 Enero 2015 Seminario sobre ‘Mercado interior, libertades económicas y medidas ambientales’, Facultad de derecho, Universidad A Coruña
  • 8-9 January 2015, ITLOS seminar on UNCLOS and international environmental law
  • 5th of November 2014, ‘Are Trade Law and Environmental Law irreconciliable?’, Spökslottet, Stockholm University and the International Council of Environmental Law
  • 27th of March 2014, Internal Market and Environmental Law, Law School of the University of Edinburgh
  • 6th and 7th of March 2014, Recent case law on environmental matters, in ERA Annual Conference on European Environmental law,Trier
  • 9th of December 2013, seminar on cases 144 and 145/2013 of the Belgian Constitutional Court, University of Saint Louis(seminar)
  • 24th of October 2013, seminar on the EU Economic Governance, University of Brescia
  • 30 July 2013, CREEL, Melbourne Law School, Conference on Environmental Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty: a European Perspective (Seminar)
  • 22nd July 2013, Workshop Environmental Law & Evidence, University of Canberra (video on YouTube; pictures: 1 and 2)  (powerpoint)
  • 22nd July 2013,  Public Guest Lecture at University of Canberra, “Bridges Between Environmental Science and Environmental Law” (flyer) (powerpoint)
  • 3rd July 2013, Autonomía reguladora ambiental y libre circulación de bienes, Curso de Verano “La ecologización del Mercado: Límites Jurídicos a las libertad económicas e incentivos a la responsabilidad social”, Facultad de Derecho, Universidad de A Coruña(conference)
  • 28 May, The Governance of the EU Economic Crisis, Zubiria Etxea, Facultad de CCEE y Empresariales (Sarriko)(seminar)
  • 14-15 February 213, University of Zagreb, Katedra za upravno pravo (Seminars)
  • 4th December 2012, Conference on the future of EU Environmental Law, CEFIC, Brussels
  • 26th November 2012, Conference on the Six-Pack, Norwegian House, Brussels
  • 21st November, Lecture on the EU Economic Governance, law Faculty, Louvain
  • 14th-18th May 2012, Seminars on Trade v. Environment in EU Law at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University, Faculty of Law and Political Sciences (Seminars)
  • 21st of March 2012, Sorbonne, CERDEAU and Jean Monnet Seminar on Competition Law and Waste Management (Seminar)
  • 14th of March 2012, Sorbonne, CEDECE and Jean Monnet Seminar on the legal aspects of the EU Economic Governance (Seminar)
  • 5th of March 2012, Brussels, Clientearth, Centre and Jean Monnet Seminar on State Aids and EU’s Emission Trading Scheme (Seminar) (Presentation available) (Picture) (Picture) (Picture)
  • 9th December 2011, Brussels – Jean Monnet and IEE Seminar on EU Economic Governance (Presentation available)


  • December 1st 2020, ESAANZ Conference – Europe in 2020, ‘The V4 and the EU in times of turbulence : the climate change agenda’
  • November 13th 2020, IEE Seminar ‘A la recherche de nouvelles ressources propres : un tremplin pour la fiscalité européenne’
  • September 29th 2020, Economia circular, Universidad de La Rioja – Seminario Internacional Derecho y Economía Circular
  • 22 April 2020, Human Rights and Climate Change, Earth Law Virtual Teach-In on Earth Day Webinar
  • 20 June 2019, Max Plank Institute Lecture Series, ‘The clash between international investment law and the autonomy of the EU legal order’
  • 28 March 2019, ‘How to draw the dividing line between the environmental policy and the internal market’, Harmonisation in Envrionmental and Energy law, Hasselt University
  • 20 February 2019, Conference ULB-USL on a New Investment Court
  • 15 December 2018, Déclaration de l’humanité, Town Hall of Strasbourg
  • 23 November 2018, ‘Integration of non-trade concerns in the CTP’, CERIC, Université d’Aix-en-Provence
  • 4 November 2018, ‘EU-China negotiations on an investment’ agreement’, in The First China International Import Forum, Shanghai, East China University of Science and Technology
  • 4-5 October 2018, ‘Circular Economy’ in Symposium on Smart city, Thessaloniki
  • 8th of February 2018, From nature protection to biodiversity conservation, Institute of Applied Ecology, University of Canberra
  • 26 October 2017, The Constitutionality of the Catalan Referendum and the Potential Impact of Secession on the European Union, Centre for international and public law of the ANU Law School)
  • 23rd October 2017, The Precautionary Principle interpreted by the EU courts: reviewing uncertain decision-making, University of Canberra
  • 20th October 2017, EU competences regarding its external commercial policy, RMIT, Melbourne
  • 10th October, The EU Carbon Market: too many allowances for too few GHG emissions? , University of Canberra
  • 3rd October 2017, The EU Circular Economy Project: from Eco-Conception to Bio-waste, University of Canberra
  • 23 de Junio 2017, Discurso inaugural de la Conferencia Los nuevos desafíos de la acción jurídica internacional y europea frente al cambio climático, Universidad de Huelva
  • 6-7th April 2017, ‘Réglementations internationale et de l’UE des mouvements transfronaliers de déchets’, University of Nice
  • 9-10th March 2017, Conferences on Risk Management and precaution, University of Carthage, Tunis
  • 26-27th January 2017, ‘Conservation de la nature et droit foncier’, Université d’Abomey-Calavi
  • 25th November 2016, ‘Le principe de précaution en droit de l’UE’, colloque sur le principe de précaution, université de Lyon
  • 28th of June 2016, Impact of CETA and TTIP on the Precautionary Principle, Assemblée nationale, Paris
  • 27th of May, ‘Impact of the Better Regulation agenda on the environmental policy’, Avosetta meeting, Riga Law School
  • 1-2 April 2016, ‘Strenghtening the Rule of Law in the EU’, law faculty, Maribor University
  • 17th March 2016, ‘Dieselgate and Car emissions’, ERA, Trier
  • 28 January 2016, Conclusions of the symposium on the principle of integration, Université de la Réunion, Indian Ocean
  • 15 January 2016, ‘Environmental Measures and Free movement of Goods’, Environmental Product Policy, Law Faculty, UiO, Oslo
  • 20th November 2015, ‘Libre circulación de las mercancías y protección ambiental’, in Derecho ambiental para una economía verde, Universidad A Coruña
  • 4th November 2015, ‘Reinforcement of the Fiscal Disciplines of the UEM Reform’,  The Economic Crisis and the Reconfiguration of European Actors, Stasbourg School of European Studies
  • 28th October 2015,‘Principios de prevención y de precaución’ in XVII Jornadas Internacionales en Derecho del Medio Ambiente, “Daño Ambiental: Principios de Prevención y Precaución”, Universidad Externado de Colombia
  • 27th August 2015, ‘Climate change and precaution’, The Hague, Asser Institute, Summer Programme on International & European Environmental Law: The Future We Choose
  • 4 May 2015, ‘The environmental principle encapsulated in the Charter of Fundamental Rights’, M. Pallemaerts Memorial Conference on Human Rights and the Environment, Brussels
  • 24th of March 2015, Presidence of a conference on TTIP, St Louis University
  • 4th of December 2014, ‘GMOs in EU Law’, Actualités du droit alimentaire, Louvain
  • 21th Novembrer 2014, ‘Trade in Wild Species and Free Movement of Goods’, Annual Conference on European Nature Law, ERA, Trier (Powerpoint)
  • 16 al 19 de Septiembre 2014, Corte constitucional de Colombia, Encuentro Consitucional Por La Tierra, Ibagué, Tolima, Colombia (powerpoint) (picture) (picture)
  • 28th of June 2014, Human Rights and Environmental Litigation, 3rd Sino-European Conference on Environmental Law, Ghent University
  • 27th June 2014, New Trade Agreements concluded by the EU: opportunity for environmental  protection?, Paris Descartes (programme)
  • 15h of November 2013, Droit  pénal de l’environnement, colloque Fondements et objectifs des incriminations et des peines en droit européen et international, Saint Louis, Brussels (slides)
  • 31st of October 2013, The selectivity criterion in the case law on State aids, State Aid, Taxation and Sustainable Growth. Beyong 2020, University of Aarhus
  • 11th of October 2013, Lecture on End-of-Waste Status, Paris XII (picture)
  • 1th October 2013, Lectures on LOS and the PP, at ITLOS, Hamburg
  • 5-6 September 2013, “Les mouvements fransfrontaliers de déchets: le cas de l’Afrique”, Colloque international sur les mouvements transfrontières illicites de déchets dangereux Université d’Abomey-Calavi et Université de Maastricht (METRO)
  • 20-22nd June, “The Architecture of the New Economic Governance”, CEDEE Conference on Economic Federalism, Sorbonne, Paris (conference)(Slides)
  • 14th of May, Anton Las Judgment Case C-202/11: Impact on Labour Law, Univ. St Louis
  • 18th April 2013, “Food Safety and Precaution”, ULB’s Conference on Food Safety
  • 28th March 2013, “Ecotaxation and EU Law”, Seminar, Louvain
  • 28th March 2013, “Soft Law in EU Law”, Saint Louis University
  • 12th December 2012, “Trade in Wild Species within the EU”, in Natura 2000 Conference, Antwerp
  • 11-12th October 2012, “EU Economic Governance”, seminar on EU Governance, Olympia, Greece
  • 1st June 2012,« El Derecho internacional y la protección de hábitats y especies » in EVAP Jornada internacional: veinte anos de la directiva de hábitats (Conference)
  • 14th-18th May 2012, Présidence du colloque du Jeune barreau de Liège ‘La vie des entreprises au regard de de la protection de l’environnement’ (Conference)
  • 27th of April 2012, ‘Comment en est-on arrivé là’, Le nouveau traité européen sur la discipline budgétaire, Brussels, UCL (Conference)
  • 29-30th of March 2012, Habeas Corpus Confence, Lyon, CJEU and ECHR and Environmental Rights (Conference)
  • 16th of March 2012, UCL, London, PIEL Conference on Alternative Environmental Governance (Conference)
  • 25th January 2012, Cambridge – Law Faculty and Jean Monnet Conference on Standing of Private Parties before the EU Courts (Seminar(Presentation available)
  • 25th November 2011, “Compétences et responsabilités au sein de l’UEM”, Louvain – UCL Conference on ‘La Gouvernance européenne après Lisbonne’ (Conference)

    EU Law Seminars, Brussels

    With Professors François VAN DER MENSBRUGGHE (FUSL-University of Liège), and Paul NIHOUL (UCL), Nicolas de SADELEER organises seminars in Brussels on topical EU legal issues. These seminars are open to a wide public of attorneys, civil servants, academics as well as students.

    • Wednesday 26th of October 2009 Italian Trailers and Swedish Speed Boats. A new approach to free movement of goods How far does Article 28 EC constraints Member States’ freedom to regulate the use of products ?
    • Wednesday 14th of January 2009, Regulatory Procedure with Scrutiny
    • Monday 23rd of June 2008, Recent ECJ case law on Golden Shares
    • Monday, 3rd of March 2008, Laval and Viking Cases
    • Monday, 3rd of December 2007, Lisbon Treaty

    Seminars and conferences

    Nicolas de Sadeleer has organised or participated in a number of conferences and seminars dealing in particular with EU institutional issues, global environmental issues, risk assessment and risk management, the precautionary principle, nature protection and waste management. As he lives in Brussels, he also participates in many public debates regarding EU legal and institutional issues.

    Northern Europe: Riga, Tartu, Uppsala, Luleå, Stockholm, Bergen, Tromsø, Oslo, Århus, Gotteborg, Lund, Helsinki, Reykjavik, Stockholm universities

    Western Europe: Amsterdam, Berlin, Bordeaux IV Montesquieu, Bremen, Cambridge, Exeter, Hamburg, Maastricht, Nantes, Lyon II, Paris I, II, XII, Rotterdam, Imperial College, Southampton, University College London, Trier

    Southern Europe: A Coruna, Bilbao, Barcelona, Andorra, Porto, Coimbra, Lete, Napoli, Milano, Toulouse, Thessaloniki, Athens, and Aix-en-Marseille universities.

    Central Europe: Budapest, Zagreb, Sofia, Wroclaw universities.

    North America: USA (Duke University, Pace Law School, Washington University) ; Canada (Montreal, Laval)

    South America: Ibagué, Colombia, Lima, Peru

    Indian Ocean: Université de la Réunion

    Oceania: Australia (University of Canberra, University of Wollongong, Melbourne University, ANU, University of Sydney, Macquarie University)

    Africa: Benin (Université d’Abomey-Calavi), Togo (Université de Lomé), South Africa (University of Pretoria)

    Asia: Japan (Wadesa, Kyoto, and Nagasaki universities) ; China (South West University of Political Science and Law (Chongking), East China University of Science and Technology (Shanghai), Wuhan, Guangzhou universities)