From Political Slogans to Legal Rules

Book Cover: Environmental Principles
ISBN: 9780199280926
Pages: 488

This book traces the evolution of environmental principles from their origins as vague political slogans reflecting fears about environmental hazards to their embodiment in enforceable laws. This book shows how three of the most important principles of modern environmental law grew out of this new age of ecological risk: the 'polluter pays' principle, the preventive principle and the precautionary principle. The author examines the legal force of these principles and in the process offers a novel theory of norm formation in environmental law by unearthing new grounds of legality. The book will be of value to all those with an interest in environmental law and policy, in the relationship between law and science, and in the ways in which political and ethical values can become embodied in laws.

Reviews:S. Maljean-Dubois on l’Annuaire français de droit international (2002) wrote:

L'ouvrage, dense, stimulant, original, fournit une contribution doctrinale de premier plan au développement du droit de l'environnement.

S. Nespor on Rivista guiridica dell’Ambiente (2002) wrote:

In conclusione, un libro davvero importante nel percorso di costruzione teorica delle basi del diritto dell’ambiente, denso di stimoli e di spunti per ulteriori riflessioni e indagini.

Chris Miller on Environmental Law Review (2002) wrote:

This book is a formidable feat of legal scholarship ... likely to remain a milestone for years to come and one which no-one working in this field can ignore.

Geert van Calster on European Environmental Law Review (2004) wrote:

De Sadeleer's Environmental Principles is a tour de force, a showpiece of legal as well as contextual analysis, a constant proof of the author's sharp intellect, a reference book.

Liz Fisher on Yearbook of European Environmental Law wrote:

Environmental Principles is an exciting and passionate book. ... it is an important work and it will, without a doubt, become a touchstone for debate in this area.

Michael G. Doherty on King's College Law Journal (2003) wrote:

... de Sadeleer's book is an impressive contribution to environmental law scholarship and a step forward in thinking about the nature and functions of the environmental principles. .... It communicates complex ideas with clarity. It deserves to be widely read.

Sonia Boutillon on Leiden Journal of International Law (2005) wrote:

This book constitutes a veritable font of knowledge and facilitates access to both continental and Anglo-Saxon doctrine spanning the last 20 years. Its efforts at achieving a synthesis of the various theories and opinions prevailing in the field of environmental law must be duly commended. For all these reasons, Nicolas de Sadeleer's is a requisite reading of everyone interested in the development of modern law.

Stephen Tromans on Journal of Environmental Law wrote:

... impressively-researched ... This book can be warmly recommended to anyone with an interest in the theory, development and practical working of environmental law ... it is well written and logically structured, with clear section headings as useful signposts to the direction of argument.

on European Environmental Law Review:

Environmental Principles is a tour de force, a showpiece of legal as well as contextual analysis, a constant proof of the author's sharp intellect, a reference book. I would unreservedly recommend acquisition. And not just by lawyers.

Peter Pagh on Nordic Journal of International Law (2004) wrote:

The book represents a step forward in the theory of the nature and functions of the environmental principles communicating rather complex concepts. The analyses are original, important and largerly convincing and deserve attention. The book can strongly be recommended to environmental academics.